Alain-Martin Richard

Quebec City


Alain-Martin Richard

Quebec City

Viens, on va regarder passer les marmottes | 2017


Photo : Charles-Frédérick Ouellet

Alain-Martin Richard will create a performance piece with the travelers; a critical/subverted self-reflection, a “mirror within a mirror effect” that addresses themes of speed and immobility. The public will be invited to take their photograph with the artist in a series of four takes, standing motionless next to a text. After each shot, the exhibited photo will change.

Over the past several years, performer, editor, critic, essayist, and curator Alain-Martin Richard has developed a multidisciplinary practice that touches on questions of art in society and the practice of art as poetic action – like a philosophical act. Located between performance and manoeuvre, his work begins with a strategy he calls “acted-dialogue,” where each action is intended to correspond to the location where the work takes place.

Alain-Martin Richard invites passers-by to take a few minutes to have their photo taken during the afternoons June 16th, 21st and 30th. The final installation-action will be completed on July 4th.

Speed. Road-kill. Gas. Pit stop. Yellow. Green. A rainbow of colours and sounds. Crows and gulls on the lookout. A tray for coffee and cakes. Idle trucks parked in a row. Fast food. Semi-trailers. Barking dogs, shitting dogs. Doors rattling. Crisis, family feuds. Yawning stretch. Relax a bit. Have a bite on the picnic table. A laugh among the woooosh of cars. Overflowing trash cans. Repacking. On the road again. To the ocean, to the city, to the States, to the Beauce, to Johan-Beetz Bay.

– Alain-Martin Richard

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