Joshua Schwebel


Joshua Schwebel


For Truck Stop, Schwebel copies the advertisements of Québec’s largest contemporary art institutions, mounting these reproductions on billboards along Autoroute 20. By extracting the publicity materials from their urban context, the work poses questions about the assumed public of contemporary art, and the political stance implied by the selected institutions through their approach to advertising, branding, and intellectual property.

Joshua Schwebel is a conceptual artist interested in the division of labour in cultural work, and especially in the corporate and bureaucratic activities that produce art’s visibility, and in so doing, predetermine what is recognized as art. He often works on the border between art and art administration; impersonating, occupying, and occasionally disturbing the positions which invisibly subtend the production of contemporary art.


previous works

Commercial Gallery


I transformed the exterior façade of the gallery to appear as though the business that previously occupied the premises, notably a real estate agency, was active once again. The reincarnation of the real estate agency and the fake property listings posted in the window attracted several passers-by, until the former owner of the defunct business threatened to have the gallery evicted and then tore down the signs in the middle of the night (Sydney, Australia).



The mail-out publicity material for Skol's exhibition programme was readdressed so that they were sent to an undetermined public (Montreal).



Hand-drawn copy of Rossy flyer, printed reproductions of drawing re-circulated door-to-door in Laval using Publisac service (1,500 copies, Laval).

Truck Stop art work

Campaign | 2017

Watch for the billboards along the highway