Steven Girard


À qui de droit | 2017

phase 2 :


Steven Girard


By making a round-trip between Quebec and Montreal, the artist observes the island of Montreal like a Robinson Crusoe looking upon his deserted island. Between a robinsonnade and a “to whom it may concern” fiction, takes account of multiple stories of an ordinary protagonist who travels the highway. It is similarly in this way in which the project unfolds; take the Highway 20, an inevitable route of passage as a metaphor of self transformation. In fact, this project is constituted of short multiple video-performances, over the weeks, will be made accessible on the Truck Stop site. This series of video performances will create a scene which will set in motion a protagonist running from his own sense of identity.

Steven Girard thinks of the performative as noted by Jan Świdziński: “to transform something by”.  His projects characterised by the devaluation of the obligatory adhesion to a social and economic function and the crisis of confidence which it engenders. This resistance which recalls this crisis of confidence takes the form of a flight where no act is more assignable to its body. Through different lengthy projects – often with a protocol – it seeks to assemble visibility and Invisibility, the act of exhibiting in a critical way. As a result, his projects make visible the power of preferring not to be visible.



œuvres antérieures

Same difference : equinox to equinox

2016 | photo Yannick L. Côté

RIAP 2016, Quebec City

No me vieron

2016 | photo Manoushka Larouche

Peras de Olmo - Ars Continua, Buenos Aires, Argentine

Insouciance de soi, manoeuvre et livre (exemplaire unique)

2015 | photo Manoushka Larouche

Montreal, Québec.